Share keyboard and mouse between OS X and XP

(It’s more fun when you’re two. Photo by me.)

While I love my Macbook there are still a few programs I need Windows XP to run, especially when you’re doing MIDP development as I happen to be doing at the moment.

So, I had to dust of my old PC and put it beneath my rather small desk. The problem then is that I don’t have room for two keyboards. What to do?

Synergy to the rescue!

Synergy is a program that lets you share mouse and keyboard between two computers using the network. It works really nice, even with simple copy-paste between the OSs.

The installation is not quite as straight forward as one might like so here’s a video showing how to set it up.


Learning a new language

(Photo by me).

I just started reading a book about Cocoa Programming for OS X. (This one). Cocoa uses Objective C, which is somewhat different from C, C++ or Java that I’m more familiar with.

Learning a new programming language is really like entering a new world. You are naked. You don’t know how to solve even the most basic task. It’s a bit scary but also refreshing. You’re being forced to think out of your ordinary little box.

I should do this more often.