Flash Lite to Java Midlet in 10 seconds

I am currently helping Sony Ericsson as a community manager for their developer site. As part of this I’m blogging over at blogs.sonyericsson.com and just recently I wrote a short post on how to convert swf to jar for mobile phones.
In case you didn’t know, Sony Ericsson has a framework embedded in most of their newer phones called Project Capuchin, making it possible to run a Flash Lite application inside a Java midlet. Quite cool, actually.


JMUnit: simple and good enough

I ended up using JMUnit for my mobile java project. The Sony Ericsson jUnit tool is great when you have to run the tests from a PC on a real device or from a “real” jUnit application. It’s a more advanced tool, but for my needs at the moment, it’s a bit overkill.

So I ended up with what can only be described as the direct opposite: JMUnit is extremey simple. If I change my mind in the future, converting the test cases to jUnit shouldn’t be too difficult.


Unit testing java mobile

I used to work for Sony Ericsson and my first job for the company was developing the J2ME SDK. The last thing I did as a developer was initiating the Mobile jUnit development (another guy finished it, though, and he should get the credit for it becoming a great tool.)

This was a couple of years ago and now when I am in the need for a unit testing framework for Java ME it seems not much has happened. There seems to be basically three options and none of them seems very actively developed. I wonder why.