JMUnit: simple and good enough

I ended up using JMUnit for my mobile java project. The Sony Ericsson jUnit tool is great when you have to run the tests from a PC on a real device or from a “real” jUnit application. It’s a more advanced tool, but for my needs at the moment, it’s a bit overkill.

So I ended up with what can only be described as the direct opposite: JMUnit is extremey simple. If I change my mind in the future, converting the test cases to jUnit shouldn’t be too difficult.


One thought on “JMUnit: simple and good enough

  1. Thanks for the recommendation. JMUnit 1.2 should appear towards the end of August 2008. It’ll include some performance monitoring classes (inspired by JUnitPerf) and a new method of integrating it with Ant.

    Of course, it’ll still be backwards compatible with JMUnit 1.0 and JMUnit 1.1.

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