Building a working web service in 24 hours – straight

Happy business campers!

It’s the middle of the night and I’m in a big hallroom full of people all of them hacking on their computers.

The event is called 24 hours Business Camp and the goal is to bring 90 entrepreneurial people together and have them build a service in 24 hours.

There are 52 teams (although it’s not a contest, there’s no winner) and the ideas are ranging from tampon subscriptions to Youtube wrappers.

Building a service in such an extremely short timespan has been (is, there’s still 9 hours left!) a learning experience, primarly about the importance of focusing on what’s really important.

A little too tired to write anything more right now but let’s just say that without my framework of choice, JBoss Seam, I wouldn’t have been as productive as I have been. A couple of hours have been lost doing stuff like configuring Apache proxies on my server or fixing Hibernate errors. Still, it’s really amazing how much you can do with all the frameworks and open APIs out there. Everything is in turbo speed compared to a couple of years ago.

But now I should get some sleep.


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