How to become a good programmer

The blog CodeLathe offers some advice. This is true, and in line with the subtitle of this blog:

Programming is purely a mental activity and has no relationship to any physical activity including typing. To become a better programmer, you will need to exercise and build up the part of the brain that deals with managing complexity and dealing with the relationships between countless objects.

Learn to manage complexities. That’s the core of programming. Add human communication to that and you have software engineering.


11 thoughts on “How to become a good programmer

  1. Some advice for college freshmen:

    1. Start with C++ or Java, avoid starting with scripting languages:
    1. If you’re learning programming for the first time, avoid starting with scripting or loosely typed languages like: PHP, ASP, Perl, etc or Visual Basic. It may destroy your understanding of program execution, data types, memory allocation, etc.
    2. Start with C++ or Java. If you want to me to be specific, start with C++, you’ll love it for the rest of your life.. 🙂 It’ll be easier for you to learn (almost) any other language (like: C#, PHP, ASP, etc).
    3. If you ask, do you need to know C to start with C++? Or should you learn C first and then C++? C definitely helps a lot for learning C++ but it’s not necessary to start with C.
    2. If you want to be good programmer, keep on coding at least 20 hours a week for next 4 years :).
    3. Never stop learning new technologies that are coming out everyday.
    4. Know somethings of many things but be master of one. Know at least one language very well.

    Good luck.

  2. samuel onimisi says:

    thaks for your advice and your encouragement, but how can i get a free scholarship on how to become agood programmer.

  3. Dear Sir,

    I am agree with you I have knowledge of C# But Whenever I am trying to Write a code I am not able to write a single code what i do?

  4. jaydeep das says:

    your suggestions are great ,from your talk it is clear that we need just practice to be a good programmer ,but 20 hr a week !!!!! is it really possible?

  5. louis says:

    i’m new in programming and i really need to know but i dont know where to start and what to choose.c or c++?

  6. Sir Joessy says:

    Really love programing,but just don’t know how to get an online friend to share Ideas together……So please I don’t know if anyone out there is ready to partner with me, so that together we can come up with great ideas together and eventually rule the Information Technology World together…………..You can e-mail me on

  7. Hia friends,i am a BCA student,
    i love the programing,,

    i started the programing with c,c++
    To become a good programer we want patience,and hard work,,
    DO the programs your self,develop your own code and project,Then only you can become a programer,

    if your code is not working dont ignore it,,try to make it works,

    if anybody wants help contact with me,,
    i knw c,c++,vb6.0,, and ASP.NET


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