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This blog ranks quite high on searches related to software in Sweden (gee, I wonder why 🙂 ) so I sometimes get email from people who’s interested in moving to Sweden to work as a programmer.

I just replied to such an email and thought that the answer might be interesting for others to read as well, so here you go.

Great to hear about your moving plans. Even though the weather here right now makes you dream of warmer places, Sweden is a great place for a career in tech.

The job market for programmers is really good at the moment – at least in the Stockholm area. I’m not so sure about the rest of the country but Gothenburg seems to be doing fine as well. The Malmö/Lund area is still suffering from layoffs at the larger companies in the area (Sony Ericsson, Astra Zeneca, Ericsson) but there is a thriving mobile business growing there. They also benefit from having Copenhagen so close. Danish salaries are higher so Swedish programmers are a bargain in Denmark.

In Stockholm there are lots of headquarters, naturally, which means quite a lot of Big Systems written in Java or .Net. This is also where most of the marketing departments are located which means quite a lot of work for web agencies, CMS vendors etc.

In southern Sweden (Malmö/Lund) as I mentioned there is a strong mobile culture with Sony Ericsson at the epicenter. Lots of smaller spinoffs but also competitors or partners that’s establishing in the area. Sony Ericsson is almost always looking for embedded C-programmers with Android development growing a lot lately.

When it comes to the spoken language that varies a lot. The bigger international companies like Ericsson I’d say it’s no problem to speak English. The same goes for smaller firms like web or mobile agencies or startups. Most people in Sweden knows English. It can, however, be a problem once you leave the tech sphere. I currently work for a consultancy business in Stockholm and Swedish is a must for some of our clients. We have clients in the insurance, finance and retail business and they’re not as international as for example the telecom business.

I will probably write more about this subject in the future. Sweden needs more good software developers so please come here! 🙂


8 thoughts on “Working as a programmer in Sweden

  1. Kevin Lira says:

    Hi, I found your blog on the internet, and I have some questions to do. And I’d be very pleased if you can answer this for me.

    I’m a brazilian Guy, I work as software developer in a private company called Politec Global IT Services. I love to work here, that’s a point. i’m graduated in IT, but I want to expand my horizons, learn new cultures, try to develop new things in a new place, But i’m kind of insecure if you can help me…

    so let’s start:

    you said on your post, that Sweden suffers with the lack of IT professionals… does swedish companies have any restrictions regarding the recruitment of professionals from other countries?

    salary: Is the Professional well paid? I found some companies that also have subsidiary here in brazil like akzo nobel ( I wonder they have Internal IT to supply their necessities)

    you also said that Sweden need Good developers. Well Here I am , and i’m really interest in it.

    best wishes, (from Brazil)

    Kevin Lira

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  3. Yerco says:

    Hi Erik,

    It was very inspiring to read your post.
    I was in Sweden 5 years ago, living 10 months in Eskilstuna. There’s not a lot of jobs for programmers there, but I have a very good friend and we were sharing his flat, we had very good times, specially on weekends :-D.
    After one and half years traveling through Europe, Asia and Oceania, I came back to Chile, and I’m still working here, as software factory manager in a small local company for 3.000 euros/month (well, actually I’m 5 months working in Rio de Janeiro, but coming back to Chile soon). Just in the street besides of my work in Chile is located the Swedish Consulate, and I dream with coming back everytime I walk over there.
    I’m italien, also, with EU passport.
    Right now, at my (almost) 36 yo, I only know how to begin. I have 15.000 euros in my pocket, my friend says that he invites to me again to stay in his apartment in Göteborg, but since he is living with a woman (both of them chilean-swedish citizens), I will only consider to be there a few weeks. ¿And after?

    Thanks for your advice.

  4. I also found your blog browsing for talent in programming talent in Sweden. I’m hoping that I could connect with WordPress professionals through your blog. Do you know anyone who might be interested? Here’s the opportunity:

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    Bless up,

  5. christian vera (from Chile) says:

    I would ask that programming languages ​​are used in companies you describe ….

  6. Avinash Saxena says:

    This is Avinash Saxena, currently working with Wipro Technologies, India. Current location Degerfors, Sweden for one client assignment(Outokumpu). I am applying for this job as I feel this job profile is matching with my skills and area of interest.

    Please find my career profile, Kindly go through my profile and let me know in case you feel I deserve for this position.

    I am looking for long term career and provide my best in order to achieve the organizations goals.

    Thank you..
    Mobile: +46(0)764151483

  7. Mikhail says:

    I am searching programmers who can and want to work in the Northern part of Sweden. Lot of forests, rivers, lakes. Every one have snowmobile. Good fishing. No many people. Complicated work. ) Is it possible? I beliave that such people exists (who do not want big cities and big crowds).

  8. Ze'ev says:

    I’m a practical engineer.
    I have programming knowledge but little experience.
    I live in Israel but I am willing to move to Sweden for work.

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